June 8th, 2019, 9:10 am

Carisa James snaps back at an insta hater and confirms her eating disorder?

Carisa James was in Las Vegas last the weekend to mc the Life is Beautiful one day benefit for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. While headliner DJ Leon took the opportunity to publicly and very openly acknowledge his own recent mental health struggles, the night's hostess was a lot more vague on the subject, mentioning anxiety and depression and urging people to reach out to friends who may need help and feel like they can't ask for it themselves and to take care of each other. However, after a reply to her comments on instagram, many believe the actress has come clean about her long rumored eating disorder.

Her instagram is littered with less than friendly comments, so there's no clear reason why she replied to this particular one, but the exchange is below.

the original post...

and the comments...

what do you think, is she saying she has an eating disorder?

Sources: screenshot, carisa's instagram

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June 8th, 9:01 am
i wonder if stuff like this is why she deactivated her account for a bit there. can't blame her after the hackening with the nude leaks and everything going on with whatever guys idek, all that would be stressful enough. i would never want to deal with an ed in the public eye. i hope she's getting the help she needs and wish her the best.
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June 8th, 9:03 am
as someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, i legit can't even imagine

also isn't that her in your icon because
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June 8th, 9:04 am
i hope she starts speaking out more about things
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June 8th, 9:10 am
i mean, it would be nice if celebs did in general but her own health and wellbeing should totally come first
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June 8th, 9:05 am
i wish her the best!
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June 8th, 9:07 am
wow, kind of low to go with the 'can't keep a guy' angle when someone might actually be struggling
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June 8th, 9:10 am
are you really surprised? people are shitty as hell
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June 8th, 9:12 am
this this this but it made me CRINGE
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June 8th, 9:10 am
i sincerely hope she's surrounding herself with good people and getting the help she needs
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June 8th, 9:11 am
i know i shouldn't but i'm laughing at all the people in here changing their tune when in the last post everyone was saying how disgusting she looked and basically exactly that she needed to eat a sandwich
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June 8th, 9:13 am
that's ontd for you sis
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