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Carisa James' Lawyer Releases a Statement Regarding Photo Hack
Carisa James is among the countless celebrities targeted by the most recent celebrity photo hack and her lawyer has released a warning for any looking to continue to share the images ...
Who Reigns Supreme?
Help us rank who had the best nudes, Camilla James, Carisa James or Lo De Luca ...
Are Carisa James' Photos a Cry for Help?
Before you compliment Carisa James on her thin figure, we need to have a candid discussion about health, wellness and weight ...
The Sisterhood is Alive and Well!
Arguably the sweetest thing to come out of these leaks is the knowledge that Carisa James and her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costars are still as close as they claim ...
Was Carisa James the Texan actress mentioned in Stazzi and Thorsten Meyer's sexts?
Perez Hilton
We think so and here are 5 super sleuth reasons why ...
Is Carisa James dating Captain America?
The blonde starlet was spotted out Wednesday evening with none other than James Patridge ...
See Jason Woolfe, Brad Pitt and Carisa James in new Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Teaser
The first trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — Tarantino's ninth film ...