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jane lame @imjanelame
it's a sick sad world.
  Austin, Texas
  Joined May 2011

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jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 2m love you @carisa invite me to your wedding!!                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 5m it's been a WILD night y'all                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 8m she's talking so soft i really can't hear what they're saying anymore and we have to go we've lingered too long and the waitress is getting pissed                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 11m ok i think they're back on track they're both smiling                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 13m SHE MIGHT AS WELL BE THO I THOUGHT

hanna t @hannaxt
Replying to @imjanelame
jfc she's not serena
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 15m 😂😂😂 ME TOO

name @handlehere
Replying to @imjanelane
what i'm picturing
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 18m this is crazy this is NOT AT ALL what i pictured her like??                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 20m GIRL WHO HURT YOU                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 20m i can't believe what i just witnessed he went for a kiss and she turned her cheek and now she's apologizing                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 20m holy crap he's leaning in real close y'all I THINK HE'S GOING FOR IT                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 21m he's telling her he's so glad he didn't chicken out and he actually asked her to dinner and he can't believe she actually said yes at least he sees how lucky he is #blessed                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 29m i'm dying what does sort of even MEAN? it's sort of over? it was only sort of serious??                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 29m he's telling her he just got out of a serious relationship and she said she did too and then added "sort of"                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 33m he just said he's so nervous and she said SHE'S nervous (does she know who she is??) and now they're both eyeing each other like the other is crazy                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 38m omg they just almost knocked over a glass of wine and she can't stop laughing it's the cutest thing                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 42m i'm not trying to get caught here! i mean i'll try but don't hold your breath

ashley @ashxo
Replying to @imjanelame
pics or it didn't happen tbh
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 49m she's sitting down but looks like a cute black dress and some boots and her hair is down she's super pretty in person even though she's not wearing a ton of make up but honestly really skinny??

star stuff @weareallstarstuff
Replying to @imjanelame
what's she wearing?
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 55m she's just as into this as i am lmfao don't worry about it

legendele @legendele
Replying to @imjanelame
if i was your best friend i'd be so annoyed with you rn
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 1h okay he is pretty cute but in like a normal austin guy kind of way

23 @usandthem23
Replying to @imjanelame
how cute is this guy?!
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 1h and it's kind of hard to hear because they're leaning in to talk i'll try and answer things while i can't hear anything good                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 1h sorry i'm on a bff date and eating dinner lmfao jeez

steph @steph.owens
Replying to @imjanelame
what. is. happening?? DON'T LEAVE US HANGING
jane lame Retweeted
gossip grown woman @xoxogossipwoman ∙ 1h
who is this schmuck on a date with @carisa and how did he get graced by such perfection? 😂😍 #needtoknow                                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 1h guys i CAN'T it's def a date she's laughing and i swear doing the hair flip thing like he isn't already googly eyes over her like any normal human would be                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 1h i'm assuming a little but she's here with a cute guy and she looks so nice and he keeps sort of trying to touch her IT'S JUST A VIBE OKAY

samantha @austingrr12
Replying to @imjanelame
how do you know she's on a date?
jane lame @imjanelamee ∙ 2h OMG I THINK SHE'S ON A DATE                        
jane lame @imjanelamee ∙ 2h                                         
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 2h should i say hi??? she's having dinner                        
jane lame @imjanelame ∙ 2h omg y'all i'm like 10 ft away from @carisa rn